• Ruben Mandolini

Ruben Mandolini


Ruben Mandolini, Italian DJ & Producer, approaches to music since he was a child.
Fully self-taught, he had been already playing keyboards and Roland synthesizers passionately at the age of
15 years old. This passion for digital instruments pushed him to become more and more interested in
electronic music.
He started to produce and release his first tracks in the late 2008.
His unique and recognizable style take him to be noticed by some important and affirmed labels. Starting
from 2011 until now he releases on imprints like Defected, Armada, Saved, Snatch!, Lapsus Music, Toolroom
just for naming a few, becoming a producer of who is talked about.
Constantly supported by the most important artists in the industry, year by year Ruben waves the flag of the
Italian Tech House scene around the world. Some of his tracks have become real must-haves for Djs: “Also!”
on Snatch! Records and “Romantica” on Lapsus Music are real cult of the last 10 years Tech House music.
After establishing himself as one of the best Italian DJs, Ruben reaches territories like Europe, Australia,
North and South America, and Russia.
Brilliant in his productions and being a charismatic DJ, Ruben Mandolini confirms himself as one of the most
interesting Italian artists of the last few years.

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