• Valentinø




This up-and-coming Italian techno dj began his career at an early age, allowing him to develop artistic qualities in the sound field through a musical concept that explores dark dimensions and atmospheres laden with energy and forcefulness.

Valentino Emme (real name Valentino Marchiori) was born in Genoa and is the son of a professional DJ who worked in some of the city’s most popular nightclubs.

He started to show interest in his father’s job at the age of 13, at which point he began to learn the art of DJing. Within a few months, Valentino made his debut at one of Genoa’s most famous nightclubs, the Vanilla Club.

It was at this stage that Valentino Emme really cut his teeth. By opening the nights for nationally known guests, he had the opportunity of personally experiencing the world of DJs and everything that surrounded it. This gave him the chance to discover new musical environments every Saturday night and mature musically as he grew up.

Towards the end of 2011, he was called over to Milan, the capital of every Italian musical trend, for the Capodanno d’Italia (“Italy’s New Year’s Eve”) at East End Studios. This experience allowed him to make DJing his job.

During the following year, Valentino Emme began immersing himself in event organization and started arranging nights for various clubs, planning events and calling guests. Having achieved resounding success at this job, during 2014 he was entrusted with the management of the Ghost Clubman, a nightclub not far from Genoa’s inner city. In order to make it, he worked alongside a few of his friends who were already operating in the entertainment environment.

Valentino composed a new management team to run the club called Natural Music Events. They worked hard during the winter season in order to restore and re launch the club which was previously not very popular due to its location in an industrial district. The following season at the club, which was renamed Mantra, was a success and surpassed all expectations thanks to the presence of important national DJs and an exceptionally passionate crowd.